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Embolization of bronchial arteries in cases of life-threatening bleeding

Georgi Todorov, Chavdar Bachvarov, Georgi Valchev, Ralica Popova, Antonio Antonov, Stanimir Sirakov, Nikolay Conev, Eleonora Dimitrova


Massive hemoptysis is a frightening and potentially life-threatening clinical event. Hemoptysis represents a sigĀ­nificant clinical entity with high morbidity and potential mortality. Bronchial artery angiography with embolization has become a mainstay in the treatment of hemoptysis. Bronchial artery embolization offers a minimally invasive procedure for even the most compromised patient serving as first-line treatment for hemorrhage as well as providing a bridge to more definitive medical or surgical intervention focused upon the etiology of the hemorrhage.


Embolization; lung; bronchial arteries; hemoptysis

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