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Analysis of the tendencies in the contemporary management conception application for achieving of competitive world market of outsourcing services development

Stoyanka Petkova – Georgieva


The management success is a result of persistence in continuous company`s perfecting, flexibility and adaptability, entrepreneurship initiative and knowledge. The outsourcing as a business conception is an example of developing principally of new future demands not only for any kind of an enterprise but for the entrepreneurship as a whole. The published results of the research are focused on the contemporary management conception application in answer to the outsourcing services world market development and contemporary needs. The owning of intellectual property and other advantages by the companies persuade the managers to integrate contemporary management conceptions such as total quality management (TQM), business process reengineering (BPR), lean management, lean production, human resources management, downsizing, decentralization, etc.


outsourcing services, world market, contemporary management conceptions, analysis and development

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