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About another apple of discord - the gender pay gap amongst the top management of the banks

Aleksandrina Pancheva


The studies about the lack of women in boards of financial institutions often cover the "glass limitations", the built stereotypes, the man's world of the bankers, etc. This problem directly correlates to another one - the gender pay gap. The intensification of the conflict between men and women about the pays or the financial bonuses is still an ongoing issue, with big financial conglomerates announce over 40% difference in favour of the men. And even though gender discrimination at hiring and pays is illegal, and there are lots of regulations on this matter, the women face both problems in the upper echelons.In attempt to disprove their "lower value", women look for a way to have a fair appraisal for their work - a chance to reach the top levels (not based on the quotas rules) and narrow the pay gap between them and the men. Is the Theory of the Human Capital valid nowadays? Are there antitheses or at least partial evidence to confute the allegation that women do not posses enough knowledge, skills and experience?


Human capital theory, gender pay gap, banking, board

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