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Marketing strategies regarding the offer of souvenirs in tourism

Hristina Filipova


The aim of the following paper is to propose appropriate marketing strategies related to the offer of souvenirs in a specific destination. In order to achieve that a literature review regarding the topic is presented. It includes information related to marketing strategies and description of souvenirs seen as tangible tourist products. Furthermore a field research in the form of direct observation of souvenir offer in several specialized shops in Varna, Bulgaria is conducted. The results of the study have proven that one of the most appropriate marketing strategies that should be used by sellers of such goods should be differentiation. Apart from mass- produced souvenirs vendors should propose artisanal crafts integrating some elements of the local culture. This strategy will allow the sellers of souvenirs to attract more and different customers and in the same time to promote the tourist destination.


souvenirs, marketing strategies, souvenir shops, cultural heritage, tourist destination

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