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A modification of the linear task of cutting up materials

Maria Tokusheva


A modification of the linear task of cutting out materials in today's highly competitive and dynamic environment, corporate management efforts are focused on optimizing business operations. For companies that are trying to make the most of their machine capacity and fill the work shift of employees, it is appropriate to take over orders. The presented economical and mathematical model aims at optimal loading of production capacities and optimization of activities related to work shift planning.


linear task, optimization, production

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Атанасов, Б., Т. Милкова, Количествени методи в логистиката. Варна: Наука и икономика, 2011

Канторович, Л. В., В. А. Залгаллер, Рациональны раскрой промышленных материалов. Новосибирск: Наука, 1971.


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