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Value chain finance in agriculture - an opportunity to improve access to finance for Bulgarian agribusinesses

Damyan Kirechev


The article focuses on funding opportunities for the value chain in agriculture. Students are studying the financial instruments of the value chain in agriculture. The idea is that adopting innovative solutions to finance agriculture will improve access to agribusiness finances, create higher value in agribusiness, stabilize incomes and increase competitiveness. Financing the value chain in agriculture implies focusing on the use of an integrated and strategic approach, including: integration into the finance supply chain (financial institutions); structural aid from the government to strengthen the supply chain; enhancing information systems for protection against risks; enhancing cooperation and co-operation, etc. Achieving long-term economic benefits and fair value distribution in agriculture implies focusing on raising the role of different stakeholders such as government, financial institutions, processors, traders, and others.


value chain finance; financing of agribusiness; access to finance

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