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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

Cover and Contents PDF


Impact of digitalization on competition in Bulgarian retailing PDF
Violeta Dimitrova 5-13
In search of balance of passenger transportation in the Republic of Bulgaria PDF
Donka Zhelyazkova 14-20
Convenience stores - modern classic PDF
Michal Stojanov 21-27
Success of the strategic management of Boni Holding JSC PDF
Gergana Slavova 28-38
Subsidizing Bulgarian agriculture in the context of the EU CAP - Trends and economic effects PDF
Teodorina Turlakova 39-46
Trends in the development of educational tourism PDF
Velina Kazandzhieva 47-55
Challenges to digital marketing in multi-screen environment PDF
Elitsa Gramatikova 56-65
Marketing approach for improvement the portfolio of the international folklore festival "Varna Summer" as a cultural tourist product PDF
Svetla Rakadzhiyska, Krasimira Yancheva 66-77
Strategic aspects of consumer behaviour and basic paradigms in consumer behaviour study PDF
Violeta Peteva Laskova 78-86
Aviation industry in Bulgaria - development and trends PDF
Viktoriya Stancheva 87-95
Applications of modern marketing concepts PDF
Darina Pavlova 96-101
Marketing research on strategic management of a hotel complex PDF
Tsanko Stefanov 102-105
Promotion, personal sales and encouragement of sales - the main catalysts of modern business PDF
Boycho Boychev 106-114
Тhe omni-channel marketing after the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation PDF
Atanaska Reshetkova 115-120
The development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria - a springboard for increasing the attractiveness of the destination PDF
Lyubomira Todorova 121-127
European and national policies for integrating beekeeping farms from the Ruse region PDF
Lyubomir Lyubenov 128-134
Youth tourism - factor for the globalization of the educational environment in Bulgaria PDF
Katina Popova 135-144
Strategies for the development of culture as an opportunity for the Bulgarian municipalities PDF
Nevena Dobreva 145-153
Fruit and waste - modern trends for their potential use PDF
Vanya Zhivkova 154-162
Some examples of utilization of fruit and vegetable waste PDF
Vanya Zhivkova 163-173
Work values in human resource management context PDF
Petar Petrov 174-185
Tourism sustainability PDF
Ðœihaela Mitkova Hristova 186-192
Potential of the agrarian sector to mitigate greenhouse gases and climate change PDF
Damyan Kirechev 193-208
Living labs - instruments for local development policies PDF
Magdalena Parcheva 209-218
Possibilities for application of certification systems in Bulgarian restaurants PDF
Georgina Lukanova 219-229
Change management in tourism companies through changing employee attitudes PDF
Mariya Veleva 230-239
About the necessity of macroprudential policy PDF
Polina Ivanova 240-251
Providing the cloud security by design patterns PDF
Mariya Armyanova 252-261
Blockchain innovations in HR management PDF
Nadezhda Filipova 262-273
Analysis of the tendencies in the contemporary management conception application for achieving of competitive world market of outsourcing services development PDF
Stoyanka Petkova – Georgieva 274-283
Problems in identifying, recognizing and measuring the identifiable assets acquired, liabilities assumed, and any non-controlling interest in a business combination PDF
Diyan Ganchev 284-294
Certification and quality of goods PDF
Temenuga Stoykova 295-305

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