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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Cover and Contents PDF


The labor share of income and income inequality PDF
Hristo Mavrov 5-12
Measuring financial infrastructure development PDF
Dimitar Rafailov 13-23
Application of blockchain and smart contracts in the financial industry PDF
Dancho Petrov 24-33
The granulation trend or the new vision for non-financial risks PDF
Nedyalko Valkanov 34-43
RegTech and SupTech - the high-tech innovations in the field of financial regulation PDF
Nedyalko Valkanov 44-54
Ecological standards and taxes: Three years after "Dieselgate" PDF
Svetlana Gercheva 55-65
The new face of private banking customers PDF
Plamen Dzhaparov 66-77
The long road of Bulgaria towards Euro area PDF
Atanas Kamelarov 78-89
The social economic paradigm of microinsurance PDF
Stoyan Kirov 90-99
The impact of financial reporting on disclosures for banking supervision purposes PDF
Nadezhda Popova-Yosifova 100-106
Accounting aspects of business motives for business combinations PDF
Atanas Atansov 107-114
How does tax administration in Bulgaria works - a study of public`s opinion PDF
Hristosko Bogdanov, Boyana Andreeva, Georgi Marinov 115-124
Accounts receivable management as part of the entity`s financial management PDF
Galina Sabcheva 125-132
Optimizing the transport using costs and time criteria PDF
Rosen Nikolaev, Tanka Milkova 133-141
ARFIMA-FIGARCH, HYGARCH and FIAPARCH models of exchange rates PDF
Slaveya Zhelyazkova 142-153
Statistical profile of the self-employed in Bulgaria PDF
Ivan Petrov 154-162
Telecommunications in the Balkans - retrospective statistical analysis PDF
Mariana Kaneva 163-174
Globalization and multinational companies in numbers PDF
Svetlana Todorova 175-183
Factoral impact of house prices in Bulgaria: cross-spectral analysis PDF
Dimitria Karadimova 184-191
Accounting problems in the subsequent evaluation of the rights to football players PDF
Rumyana Marinova 192-200
A snapshot of poverty in the European Union PDF
Cornelia Philipova 201-209
Social psychological and managerial perusal of demographic characteristics of the boards PDF
Aleksandrina Pancheva 210-221
About another apple of discord - the gender pay gap amongst the top management of the banks PDF
Aleksandrina Pancheva 222-233
One approach for analysis of fuzzy linear hybrid automata PDF
Georgi Dimitrov, Oleksiy Bychkov, Pavel Petrov 234-240
Extracting business knowledge from social networks PDF
Snezhana Sulova 241-249
The role of corporate social responsibility as a factor of consumers` decisions while purchasing carbonated soft drinks PDF
Mariya Georgieva 250-257
Producer price risk of basic cereals and oilseeds in Black Sea countries PDF
Tanya Georgieva 258-266
Language problems in the online media space and their impact on the company image PDF
Latinka Todoranova, Anita Todoranova 267-274
Application of design patterns in information systems developing PDF
Stoicho Stoev 275-282
The cost of designing user-friendly web applications PDF
Boris Bankov 283-289
Backup and recovery with MySQL community edition: expectations and reality PDF
Ivan Kuyumdzhiev 290-297
Application of security technologies in the public websites of banks in Serbia PDF
Pavel Petrov, Shabnamjit Hundal 298-305

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