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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 7, No 3 (2018)

Cover and Contents PDF


Varna during the Ottoman period (from the 15th to the 19th C.) - research achievements and perspectives PDF
Ivan Roussev 5-14
Risk Analysis of the external and internal environment according to ISO 9001:2015 PDF
Marieta Stefanova, Svetlana Todorova 15-24
The professionalism of bank staff as a key factor in customer migration in retail banking PDF
Radina Momchilova 25-36
Sustainability reporting in the banking sector PDF
Sevgi Osman 37-47
Network structure of banking sector in Bulgaria PDF
Petar Nikolov 48-58
Methods and metrics for measuring happiness PDF
Selvet Niyazieva 59-70
Competitive advantages of boutique hotels in the context of a sharing economy PDF
Miroslava Malcheva 71-83
Marketing strategies regarding the offer of souvenirs in tourism PDF
Hristina Filipova 84-90
Certification and labeling of bioproducts in agritourism PDF
Denitsa Koseva 91-100
Strategic outsourcing directions: examples of good practice PDF
Lyudmila Mihaylova, Emil Papazov 101-108
Health, environment, and wealth PDF
Wei-Bin Zhang 109-123
Shopping mall information systems and databases and opportunities for Ñ‚heir improvement PDF
Anna Timofeeva 124-132
An unsupervised machine learning model for automatic syllabification of Bulgarian words PDF
Krasen Penchev 133-139
Some aspects of information asymmetry and its effect on the cost of capital PDF
Alexandra Yancheva 140-148
Virtual instruments for software development in starting software company PDF
Svetoslav Ivanov 149-160
A modification of the linear task of cutting up materials PDF
Maria Tokusheva 161-167
Multivariable stock management model applied to a newly established nut tree processing factory PDF
Maria Tokusheva 168-174
Structure and dynamics of the unsuccessful concession projects in the water supply and sanitation sector in an international context PDF
Todor Raychev 175-183
Assessment of the cancelled and distressed concession projects in the water supply and sanitation sector on a global basis PDF
Todor Raychev 184-195
Consumer attitudes in omni-channel marketing PDF
Penka Goranova 196-202
Strategic partnerships in business: critical success factors PDF
Boncho Mitev 203-211
Crisis management considered as change management PDF
Mariana Kuzmanova 212-220
Strategic management of business organizations - opportunities and challenges PDF
Velislava Nikolaeva 221-230
Unethical labour practices in MNEs' business worldwide PDF
Silviya Dimitrova 231-242
The quality management systems and their certification in Bulgaria PDF
Radka Ivanova 243-251
Forecasting organizational crises with probability of bankruptcy PDF
Tzveta Zafirova 252-261
Development analysis and contemporary condition assessment of the world market of outsourcing services PDF
Stoyanka Petkova – Georgieva 262-270
The project activity in municipalities by programs co-funded by funds of EU (by example of rural municipalities of region Burgas) PDF
Stanislava Gardeleva 271-279
Ecological management - Prospects and Priorities PDF
Ralitsa Dimitrova 280-286
Methodological problems with using Qualified Electronic Signature and Universal 2 Factor in web applications PDF
Petar Dimitrov 287-293
Value chain finance in agriculture - an opportunity to improve access to finance for Bulgarian agribusinesses PDF
Damyan Kirechev 294-299
Semantic divergence in contemporary advertisements of the Bulgarian tourist agencies PDF
Todor Dyankov, Yuliyana Todorova 300-305

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