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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 9, No 1 (2020)

Cover and Contents PDF


Production of various types of poultry in Bulgaria for the period 2010-2018 PDF
Gergana Slavova 3-9
Intelligent packaging PDF
Michal Stojanov 10-16
Structural and value dimensions of household indebtedness in Bulgaria PDF
Dancho Petrov, Evgeniya Tonkova, Svetlana Todorova 17-25
Real time Big Data analysis by using Apache Kudu and NoSQL Redis in web applications PDF
Pavel Petrov, Georgi Dimitrov, Oleksii Bychkov 26-34
About the corporate social responsibility beyond the framework of charity PDF
Mariya Georgieva 35-44
Analysis and evaluation of the professional practical training (internship) of the students in the specialty "Tourism" at the University of Economics - Varna PDF
Krasimira Yancheva 45-53
Regulatory requirements for integrated management of agro-food chain activities: Advantages and disadvantages PDF
Antoaneta Stoyanova 54-62
How mortgage interest rates and salaries affect the mortgage debt PDF
Svetlana Todorova, Dimitria Karadimova 63-70
Good practices for e-business in the travel agencies PDF
Hristina Santana 71-79
Reputation as an intangible asset PDF
Nikolay Peshev 80-87
Applied aspects of blockchain technology in travel and tourism industry PDF
Velina Kazandzhieva 88-99
Strategic decisions in the crisis stages of the organization PDF
Tzveta Zafirova 100-108
Managerial and ergonomic measures for reducing psychosocial risk factors in the workplace under COVID-19 PDF
Magdalena Parcheva 109-119
Current dimensions of maritime container shipping PDF
Donka Zhelyazkova 120-128
One model of a linear-fractional three-index transportation problem PDF
Rosen Nikolaev, Tanka Milkova 129-136
Leadership, coaching and emotional intelligence of the leader - possible relations, dissonances and realizations PDF
Velislava Nikolaeva 137-146
ISO 22301:2019 – a tool to increase the organization's preparedness to deal with crises PDF
Radka Ivanova 147-155
Applying patterns to e-government PDF
Mariya Armyanova 156-167
Tax or trade: Community energy taxation in the context of climate neutrality PDF
Svetlana Gercheva 168-178
About PSD2 and open banking: Opportunities and challenges PDF
Plamen Dzhaparov 179-190

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