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Mucopyocele of the frontal sinus

Hr. Zlatanov, A. Korkova


ackground: Mucopyocele is a cystic lesion of the paranasal sinuses, which is lined by epithelium, filled with purulent secretion. Its expansive growth leads to resorption of the sinus bone wall and complications . Basic role in the etiopathogenesis plays obstruction in drainage and chronic infection. Basic symptoms are headache and facial pressure. Eye symptoms are also common. Rarely it is asymptomatic.
Methods: We present our experience with treatment of patients with mucopyocele in ENT department MMA – Sofia for a period of 3 years. 24 patients with mucopyocele of the frontal sinuses – 10 women and 14 men were treated surgically. 20 patients were treated with endoscopic technique, and 4 patients with combined approach (endoscopic and trephination of the frontal sinus).
Results: All patients underwent surgical treatment and a 12 month follow-up was carried on. In all patients improvement in clinical symptoms was observed. We present you a typical clinical case of a patient with mucopyocele in left frontal sinus, who underwent surgical treatment with combined approach.
Conclusions: Our experience with this pathology shows that endonasal techniques lead to equal results compared to the open approach providing with minimal invasiveness and excellent physiological and aesthetic results.


mucopyocele, frontal sinus, endonasal approach, external approach, endoscopic marsupialization

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