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Diverticulosis of the Colon - Surgical Treatment

B. Atanasov, N. Belev, B. Sakakushev, G. Djarov, R. Penkov


Colon diverticulosis is a common condition that occurs in approximately 10% оf the population over the age of 40 and in 50% over 60. Uncomplicated forms of diverticulosis can be almost entirely managed conservatively. Recurring acute diverticulitis and complications of the disease require surgical treatment. There is still no commonly accepted consensus about the role of laparoscopic surgery.Materials and methods: For the period of 2012 to 2015, 12 patients with colon diverticulosis were operated on in the surgical unit of UMHAT “Eurohospital” Plovdiv. The included patients had diverticulosis or diverticulosis complications and were operated on with conventional or laparoscopic approaches. Results: 10 of the operated patients had complicated diverticulosis and 2 had recurring diverticulitis. Laparoscopic approach was used in 6 patients. Average operative time for the laparoscopic group was 128 minutes versus 105 minutes for the conventional technique while the average hospital stay for the 2 groups was 7.0 and 10.3, respectively. There were 2 postoperative complications – both of them wound infections.Conclusion: There are different approaches to the treatment of colon diverticulosis and its complications. Surgery is still the main method for the management of complicated forms of diverticulosis. The Hartmann operation is a gold standard in the presence of fecal peritonitis. Laparoscopic surgery is a good alternative in both complicated and uncomplicated diverticulosis.


Keywords: colon diverticulosis, peritonitis, Hartmann’s procedure, laparoscopic surgery



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B. Atanasov

N. Belev

B. Sakakushev

G. Djarov

R. Penkov

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