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VATS in Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions and Pleural Diseases

R. Nenkov, R. Radev, K. Marinova, B. Petrov


Large part of the diseases of the pleura and the peripheral lung lesions require morphological verification and possibly definitive surgical treatment. In recent years, video-assisted thoracoscopic techniques have emerged as a potential diagnostic and therapeutic approach in these cases.Aim: The aim of this paper is to present our experience with the application of different video-assisted techniques in the diagnostic and treatment plan of patients with peripheral lung lesions and pleural diseases.Materials and Methods: The study included 85 patients with benign or suspicious for primary or secondary malignancies of the pleura lesions and 38 patients with peripheral pulmonary lesions treated in our clinic during the period 2013-2015. Uni-, bi- or tri portal VATS were used in all patients in the study group.Results: The capabilities of applied video-assisted methods are discussed. Their effectiveness, reliability and security depending on the underlying disease are examined.Conclusions: Video-assisted thoracoscopic methods allow adequate opportunity for not only morphological clarification of the underlying pathology which is at the same time faster and with less tissue trauma. They also for provide an adequate surgical treatment.


Keywords: peripheral pulmonary resections, peripheral lung lesions, pleural biopsy, decortication, VATS



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R. Nenkov

R. Radev

K. Marinova

B. Petrov

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