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Postsurgical Complications in Lung Cancers

L. Paunov, K. Mourdjev, D. Grigorov, T. Miteva-Katrandzhieva, B. Todorov, N. Ali, A. Batashki, S Nacheva, R. Stefanov, M. Murdjeva, A. Uchikov


Patients undergoing thoracotomy in cases of lung cancer are highly susceptible to early postoperative complications. They can be life-threatening. The aim of this study was to analyze the early postoperative inflammatory changes in lung cancer patients. 71 lung cancer patients, prior and following thoracotomy, were included in the study. They were admitted to the Second Surgical Clinic of the University Hospital `St. George`-Plovdiv in the period 2013-2015. The subjects were analyzed based on sex, age, volume of surgery and the incidence of early postoperative complications. The results showed that 60 (85%) of the surgically-treated patients were male and 11 (15%) - women. Out of all, 9 (13%) were aged 50 years, 56 (79%) - from 51 - 75, and 6 (8%) - older than 75. Atypical resection was performed in 8 patients (11%), lobectomy - in 22 (31%), pulmonectomy - in 1 (15%), exploratory thoracotomy - in 9 (13%) and others - VATS or combined operational approaches - in 21 patients (30%). The following complications were observed in 8 (11%) out of all surveyed: surgical wound suppuration (1), empyema (1), retained collection without evidence of suppuration (2), subcutaneous emphysema (1), hydropneumothorax (1), fever (1), partial pneumothorax (1). Seven out of all 8 complications were with inflammatory origin. In conclusion, the postoperative inflammatory complications occur more frequently in male patients. The surgical approach was most frequent one in the age group between 51 and 75 years. The most frequent surgical technique was lobectomy followed by pulmonectomy. The most often encountered postsurgical complications are with inflammatory nature and arise in patients after lobectomy and in patients with right lung location of the cancer.


Keywords: lung cancer, lobectomy, pulmonectomy, post-surgical complications



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L. Paunov

K. Mourdjev

D. Grigorov

T. Miteva-Katrandzhieva

B. Todorov

N. Ali

A. Batashki

S Nacheva

R. Stefanov

M. Murdjeva

A. Uchikov

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