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Cold Plasma in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds

M. Zashev, V. Mitova, R. Gornev


The treatment of chronic wounds is a challenge for every surgeon. There are a lot of new and more efficient methods of wound management. One of them is the cold atmospheric plasma. It is ionized gas mixed with oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen radicals, ions, electrons, photons and ultraviolet (UV) radiation (UV-rays), generating a temperature below 40 degrees. The cold atmospheric plasma improves the healing process by reducing bacterial contamination and accelerating re-epithelization of the affected area.We present our initial experience in treating chronic wounds by cold atmospheric plasma. As methods to estimate our results, we have used microbiological controls, time of wound healing and assessments of the wound area.


Keywords: cold atmospheric plasma, biofilm, chronic wounds



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M. Zashev

V. Mitova

R. Gornev

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