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Laparoscopic Approach for Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Abdomen in Fertile Women

I. Ivanov, D. Andonov


The acute abdomen involving the lower part of the peritoneal cavity is sometimes a diagnostic challenge for the surgeon. We report our single institution experience with this medical condition. In emergency setting, it is often hard, even impossible, to distinguish acute appendicitis from an acute gynecologic disease. There are many cases in which at laparoscopy instead of inflamed vermiform appendix, a gynecologic disorder is found, which changes the preliminary operative scenario. Most often these are ovarian cyst ruptures with or without hemoperitoneum, distorted ectopic pregnancy, inflammatory pelvic disease, etc., which are perfectly indicated for minimally invasive surgical treatment. The percentage of these cases has a relatively stable annual rate.We have provided a discussion of our experience in the matter based on the idea that laparoscopy could be a good standard for treatment of women at a fertile age.


Keywords: acute abdomen, laparoscopy, women at a fertile age



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I. Ivanov

D. Andonov

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