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Remembrance of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuehnel

W. Wassilev, M. Davidoff


On August 21, 2015, at the age of 81 years, passed away the exceptional anatomists Professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult Wolfgang Kuehnel. He was a long standing Secretary General of the Anatomische Gesellschaft and Director of the Institute of Anatomy at the Medical University in Luebeck/Germany, Honorary Member of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society and Dr. Honoris Causa of the Medical University in Sofia. Professor Wolfgang Kuehnel finished his Medical studies in Marburg and became Assistant at the Anatomical Institute of the University of Marburg where he reached to Anatomical Prosektor. His academic pathway was prolonged as Associate Professor in Kiel, director of the Institute of Anatomy in Aachen and then in Luebeck. The scientific achievements of Professor Kuehnel are in the fields of functional and experimental morphology, clinical and topographic anatomy, where he got and published important new results.Professor Kuehnel has hold high academic posts such as: Vice Dean of the Medical Faculty in Aachen, Vice-Dean and Dean of the Medical Faculty, Vice-Rector and Rector of the Medical University in Luebeck. He was also Secretary General of the International Federation of the Anatomical Associations (IFAA) and an active member of various international Organizations. For this activity he was awarded with a lot of honorary titles. Professor Kuehnel invested a lot of efforts and organizational skills for the first time performance in an east European country of the 76th Congress of the Anatomische Gesellschaft together with the 8th Congress of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society in Varna in 1981. More than 200 outstanding European and Bulgarian anatomists participated in the Congress, which had a great success. We, the Bulgarian anatomists, will remember Professor Kuehnel as a very worthy and unforgettable distinguished Person, Teacher, Scientist and a great friend of Bulgaria. He contributed markedly for the rise of the international prestige of the Bulgarian morphological science and integration of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society to the European Scientific Institutions.



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M. Davidoff

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