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The Proportions of middle finger (hand) length to some facial lengths in young adults males

O. Taskinalp, O. Sencer


Objectives: Hand is both an organ of movement and sense. It is the second part of the human body after the face for hiding. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship of middle finger (hand) length with some facial lengths.Methods: This study was carried out on a population of 100 males with the mean age of 22,8±2,1 years. In each subject, body height (BH), middle finger length (MFL), facial height (FH), nose length (NL), ear length (EL), lower facial height (LFH) and mouth width (MW) were measured.Results: The anthropometric measurements of the subjects in millimeters (mm) was; MFL: 116±4.6, BH: 1769±9,2; FH 197,5+9,2; NL: 55,2±4,5; EL: 62,2±5,2; LFH: 70,7±6,3; MW: 57±4,6. The proportions of these measurements to MFL were; FH/MFL: 1,7; NL/MFL: 0,5; EL/MFL: 0,5; LFH/MFL: 0,6; MW/MFL: 0,5.Conclusion: As a result, nose length, ear length and mouth width were approximately equal to the middle finger length. These findings will be used as a database for the future studies.



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O. Taskinalp

O. Sencer

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