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Adults with congenital heart diseases: our experience with diagnosis and surgical treatment

D. Panayotova, P. Panayotov, G Bachvarov., Y. Radulova., S. Chilikova, Y. Peychev, V. Boshnakov


Introduction: The population of adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) (commonly called grown-ups with congenital heart disease or GUCH) is increasing steadily, due to the remarkable improvement in survival of patients with CHD. In addition, some defects (e.g. ASD, CoA, Ebstein`s anomaly, and ccTGA) may be diagnosed for the first time in adult life. In Europe (727 million inhabitants), the GUCH population is estimated between 1.2 and 2.7 million patients with prevalence of about 2800 adults per 1 million. In Bulgaria, there isn`t confirmed statistical analysis, but the data from different health centers suggest of about 20 000 cases. Methods: We made an overview of echocardiographic and surgical approach to GUCH patients operated on at the Department of Cardiac Surgery in St.Marina University Hospital, presenting examples of the most interesting abnormalities observed. The surgical approach classifies them in 2 groups: (1) survival into adulthood of patients with known congenital heart disease and previous surgical procedures (2) patients with conditions not diagnosed or not considered severe enough to require surgery in childhood. The echocardiographic approach divides them in several categories: (1) stenotic lesions (2) regurgitant lesions (3) intracardiac shunts (4) abnormal connections (5) combinations or complex congenital diseases.Aim: Our aim is to compare the prevalence of adult congenital heart disease in our department with European data.Results and conclusion: No significant difference was found in the rate and approach between our practice and reported European sources. Key words: adult congenital heart diseases, prevalence, diagnosis, echocardiography, surgical treatment


Key words: OPCAB, CABG, age, mortality



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D. Panayotova

P. Panayotov

G Bachvarov.

Y. Radulova.

S. Chilikova

Y. Peychev

V. Boshnakov

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