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PTA of the collateral vessels

T. Dragneva, O. Yanchev, Dragomirov, P., V. Knyazhev, N. Donchev, M. Sapundjieva, K. Tiutiundjiev, P. Kostov, N. Manolov


Patients with critical ischaemia sometimes present with multiple severe comorbidity. This compels surgeons and cardiologists to be creative and give way to untraditional solutions. A minimally invasive method like PTA in treating patients with critical ischaemia has proven to be a safe, low traumatic and highly effective choice. We would like to report three cases of patients, successfully treated with PTA of the collateral vessels. Key words: PTA, collateral vessels, critical ischaemia


Key words: antocoagulant therapy, drug interactions, adverse drug reactions



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T. Dragneva

O. Yanchev



V. Knyazhev

N. Donchev

M. Sapundjieva

K. Tiutiundjiev

P. Kostov

N. Manolov

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