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R. Shishkov, A. Protopopova, L. Koeva


"Quality of life" represents one of the most important parameters of individual coping the problems of social adaptation in case of persisting manifestations of the basic disease. A total of 46 type I diabetes mellitus patients with diabetic vegetopathy were examined. Diagnosis was anamnestically and instrumentally verified. Patients' quality of life was investigated using MMP1 in a Kincannon's variant, Zungs depression scale, and Spitcer's quality-of-life scale. The following code was established: schizoidia - psychasthenia - hypochondria - paranoia. According to the depression scale, there was a slight depression in 51,7 per cent of the patients, a moderate - in 36,5 per cent but a severe - in 13,7 per cent. According to the quality-of-life scale, the parameter of self-confidence was characterized as poor in 17,3 per cent of the cases, moderately good - in 31 per cent but good - in 51,7 per cent. Social adaptation was poor in 6,8 per cent of the patients, moderately good - in 31 per cent but good - in 62,2 per cent. The correlation between the expression of vegetopathy, the severity of diabetes mellitus, the self-confidence, social adaptation and "social inertia" was discussed.


Diabetes mellitus; quality of life; diabetic vegetopathy; depression; socialization

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R. Shishkov

A. Protopopova

L. Koeva

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