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Choice of food sample in examining the masticatory function in edentulous patients and in patients with removable dentures

Desislava Konstantinova, Mariana Dimova


A thorough dental prosthetic treatment must meet all three medico-biological criteria. Dental aesthetics becomes worthless if dentures do not meet the functional requirements. Therefore, the study of masticatory efficiency proves essential in the evaluation of dental prosthetic treatment. Based on recent literature review, objective methods for examining the masticatory function and choice of sample material were analysed.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2013; 45(3): 27-31.

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About The Authors

Desislava Konstantinova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine and Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Mariana Dimova
Medical University of Sofia

Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine

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