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Factors influencing the level of patient`s satisfaction with augmentation mammaplasty

Yolanda Zayakova, I. Aleksandrov


This paper investigated the degree of women`s satisfaction with the outcome of the augmentation mammaplasty and the capacity of clear-cut criteria to judge the postoperative level of satisfaction. The analysis included 96 women aged 20-40 years who had undergone augmentation mammaplasty during the period from 2001 till 2011. The investigation was carried out 6 months after the operation during the postoperative examinations by filling-in a questionnaire about the level of satisfaction with the surgery. The following statistical methods are used: descriptive statistics, testing the internal consistency of the scales with Cronbach`s Alpha, correlation and regression analyses. Data processing was performed by using SPSS-19 statistical package. Some specific interrelations between different parameters that measured the level of satisfaction were determined. The calculated multiple correlation coefficient of independent and dependent variables was of r=0.678 which was a very good result. The proportion of variation in the dependent variable is r 2 =0.522. The assessment of the new appearance after surgery was most strongly influenced by patients improved function in everyday activities such as work, social relationships, leisure, and sex. The multiple correlation coefficient was r=0.686 and the proportion of variation in the dependent variable was r 2 =0.519. This phenomenon could be related to the proactive seeking and receiving feedback, and the assessment of the surgery is mostly determined by that feedback. The analysis of the factors influencing the levels of satisfaction with augmentation mammaplasty provided a valuable feedback for the surgeons. Obviously, the general assessment score of the surgical work is quite high.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2012; 44(2): 79-82.

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About The Authors

Yolanda Zayakova
Military medical academy of Sofia

Department of Burns, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Naval Hospital of Varna

I. Aleksandrov
Military medical academy of Sofia

Department of Psychiatry and Medical Pfychology, St. Marina University Hospital of Varna

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