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Физическата активност на студентите от фоз - фактор за промотивно здравно поведение

С. Младенова


Summary: One of the factors of health promotion is the active sport activity.

Purpose of the study is to examine what is the physical activity of students, studying the specialty `Health care management` in the Faculty of Public health. Examined are also the possibilities for change of behavior into healthier one. Material and method: By means of an anonymous sociological questionnaire, we examined the health behavior of students of the specialty `Health care management`, from the full- and part-time form of education in relation to the physical activity. All students are with a base medical specialty from a Medical col- lege and have worked or are working now in the county`s health system. In the study took part 73 students. Results and discussion. The received results are negative and show that the greater part of the inquired does not go in for sports and does not practice tourism.


physical activity; health promotion behavior; students

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Борисов В., С. Попова, Л. Георгиева, К. Шо- пова, Промоция на здравето, София, 1998, изд. Арсо, стр. 66-70.

Шипковенска, Е., Л. Георгиева, Г. Генчев, Пл. Димитров, Й. Борисова, Приложна епиде- миология и медицина базирана на доказателствата, София, 2002, изд. “Делфи”, стр.21-36.



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С. Младенова
Medical University - Sofia

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