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Public information campaigns in the field of public health genomics

K. Dokova, S. Popova


The WHO report on `Genomics and world health` clearly and directly states that `… it would be extremely unwise for any form of `genetic medicine` to be introduced into countries in which there is a low level of knowledge about genetics among the public…`. So it is vital that all societies prepare themselves, and all sectors of society, including politicians, health care professionals, educators and the public, need to be educated about the fundamental princi- ples of genetic research, its inherent risks and the ethical is- sues that it raises. This statement requires answers on at least two main questions:

  1. What is the level of knowledge of our society about genetics
  2. What studies have been carried in the field of increasing public awareness and knowledge in the field of genomic

The aim of the present study is to review the literature on these two problems.


awareness; knowledge; public; genetic risk; familial risk; genetic risk factors

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