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Readiness of general practitioners for ehealth implementation

K. Slaveykov, K. Trifonova


Background: Internet and high technologies have become an integral part of everyday life and in some coun- tries they`re becoming a part of the Healthcare system - eHealth. Their integration in healthcare allows for a lot of improvements and as a final agenda lead to higher level health and wellness. Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles that could hinder the implementation of eHealth. In most countries preliminary investigations have been done on these obstacles, but in Bulgaria there are none. Aims and Tasks: To assess and analyze readiness of general practitioners for eHealth implementation. To get a better understanding of the most com- mon obstacles and barriers that could be encountered. Material and Methods: A questionnaire was created for the research. It was given personally to thirty randomly selected general practitioners. Results: The an- swers show that the majority of general practitioner have Internet access and rate their computer skills above average. There are a few cases with no Internet access or below average skills answers. Almost all of the par- ticipants show an interest and willingness to attend a course for computer skill improvement if available. Dis- cussion: The current paper is a preliminary research that will be expanded upon in the final questionnaire. Conclusion: Research about the obstacles in eHealth implementation in Bulgaria is little to non existent. If in- vestigated on a larger scale, many of the obstacles could be avoided.


Internet; e-Health; General Practitioner

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K. Slaveykov
Faculty of Medicine, Stara Zagora

K. Trifonova
Faculty of Medicine, Stara Zagora

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