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Стратегия за учене, свързана с индивидуална организация на учебния процес

Г. Петрова, Ю. Пеева


The aim of this study is to explore the trend towards individual organizations of the learning process of stu- dents trained as Masters of `Health care management`. Material and methods: To realize the target is at- tached `Questionnaire for the Study of Study Strategy` (Entuisal N., Hanley M. and Hansel D., 1979.) adapted to the Bulgarian educational context by J. Tsvetkova, 2001. The factor defined as `Educational strat- egy, related to individual organization of learning. Results: The age of the students is significant and nega- tively affects their attitude toward individual organizations of the study process. The appropriate strategy was positively influenced by formed in the past working professional habits. Conclusion: The choice of pre- cisely study strategy by teachers is one of the factors conducive to successful and effective training


Master`s degree; management of health care; educational strategies; training of students

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Г. Петрова
МУ - Пловдив

Ю. Пеева
МУ - Пловдив

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