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Pre-graduate internship of students from specialty `rehabilitation` - innovation and motivation for conducting

R. Paskaleva, I. Koleva


Practical training of students from Specialty `Rehabilitation` is performed in two directions: Practical activi- ties of students in specialized offices under the guidance of a teacher; Clinical practice and pre-graduate sum- mer internships in academic and practical bases under the supervision of a teacher and the active participation of a mentor. Pre-graduate internship of students from Medical College - Stara Zagora is in the sixth semester and it has an academic workload of 800 hours. It is held in certain clinics according to a curric- ulum and it is conducted at school - practical bases. In order to improve the criteria for evaluation and moni- toring of trainees a trainee record was introduced for a daily reporting of the activity and the work with different patients under a guidance of mentors.

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R. Paskaleva

I. Koleva

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