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Innovatory methodical aspects of quality improvement in the practical preparation of the students in nursing speciality (1st part)

G. Terzieva, Zl. Lecheva, K. Popova


The recent economic realities and the active participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Global European space has been sting up new requirements to the specialists in health cares. The Universities are being expected to guarantee the professional preparation of such specialists who are able to think in a global scale and to show interests in creative and research activities. The requirements for quality of the modern education and training put the professors in health cares in the position to elaborate and to implement innova- tory methodical technologies. The realization of the stu- dents` - i.e. the future nurses` practical preparation is asso- ciated with innovations in the pedagogic instruments. In that relation, a significant importance is given to the so called interactive methods which are being provoking an extremely great interest at the moment and are being in- creasingly available in the Pedagogical Thesaurus. V. Shivacheva determines `the interactive methods as con- crete means oriented to the organizing of an intensive inter-subject interaction among all of the participants in the pedagogic process in view to attain the students` personal- ity development ` [4,88].

The development of the projects in that direction, the ex- perimentation of the new methodical technologies and their implementation into the pedagogical practice is a condition and a factor contributing to a formation of a new generation of specialists in health cares, - able to meet the challenges of the 21st century, - and to a creation of an inner motivation of a need to work on their own professional project.

It is the actuality of the studied problem which gives the reason the purpose of this study to be determined that means to reveal the necessity of the introduction of a uni- fied standard (Student` s Register) for the quality improve- ment of the teaching process in mastering of both the pro- fessional knowledge and practical skills within the prepara- tory period of the students in the Nursing specialty.

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G. Terzieva

Zl. Lecheva

K. Popova

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