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The health pedagogi as a scientific discipline for health upbringing and training

A. Vigerova, M. Grudeva


We live in an era that will undoubtedly be evaluated in the future as a period of building a new culture and lifestyle in which education and information will become one of the im- portant advantages of this. And so, because today the changes in the upbringing and education of the younger gen- eration are determined by the number of new factors: eco- nomic, geographic, demographic and other. The actual trans- formation of the school system was formed as an integral part of our lives. But most likely, its contribution to social prosperity in general, can not be assessed properly by us and the new generations. This applies to the problem as it is done to support human health and society, which today is still a problem in theoretical assumptions rather than on effective practical solutions. Should not belittle the efforts of major in- ternational organizations (WHO, UNESCO, UN) that early, now with legitimate concerns highlight the health status and call for the development of strategies relating mainly to a change in lifestyle of people through the realization of long-lasting learning and educational technology.

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A. Vigerova

M. Grudeva

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