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Work with video display terminals and refraction abnormalities

Teodora Dimitrova, Zornica Zlatarova


Working with video display terminals becomes more and more widely spread in the ever-changing world of To study the ophthalmologic status in relation to the work conditions. The ophthalmological status was studied of 455 workers, divided in two groups: I group: 232 persons working half of their working time with video display terminals, with mean age of 42.08 ±0,8 years; II group (control): 223 persons working without overload of the optical analyser, with mean age of 41.5 ±0.9 years. Among those who passed a prophylactic ophthalmological examination,168(36.9%)per sonswere with out diagnose deviations in there fraction (emetropes). In 77 (21.8%) from the persons with deviations myopia was diagnosed, in 71 (25.9%) it was hypermetropia, in 27 (9.9%) it was astigmatism, and in 99 (36.1%) presbyopia.Prolonged and continuous (without a physiological regime of work and rest) work with a video display terminal affects the vision sharpness.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(1): 45-47.

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About The Authors

Teodora Dimitrova
Medical University of Varna

Zornica Zlatarova
Medical University of Varna

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