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Acute pesticide intoxications in Varna region, Bulgaria, during the period 1991-2005

P. Marinov, M. Iovcheva


The acute pesticide intoxications have a small relative part but quite often cause severe poisonings and death. A retrospective analysis of the epidemiology of acute pesticide intoxications (API) in Varna region during the period 1991-2005 has been done. It was established that 384 patients with pesticide poisoning have been admitted for treatment which is 3.06% from all the patients with acute intoxications. API was more frequent in men. The proportion between male and female patients with API was 1.69:1. The prevailing part of the intoxicated was young and active people but a tendency was observed toward increasing of the average age. The main cause of API was suicidal attempt - 264 cases /64.06%/ followed by household poisonings - 34.38% and single professional intoxications - 1.56%. The oral ingestion dominated as way of entry in the organism - 77.61%. Respiratory and/or percutaneous intoxications were significantly less frequent. 53% of all the pesticide poisonings were caused by organophosphate pesticides (OPP). The lethality from pesticide poisonings is 11.72% and is significantly higher than the total lethality from acute exogenous intoxications in Varna region - 1.3%.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(1): 61-64.

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P. Marinov
Naval Hospital of Varna

M. Iovcheva
Naval Hospital of Varna

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