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E. Йорданова, K. Перфанов, П. Узунов, Л. Сливкова


The report deals with hematological studies on a series of 77 workers from the decorative departments for glass and porcelain at the State Industrial Enterprise „Stoyko Ivanov`, Beloslav, district of Varna. Glaze-coating lustre and liquid gold were employed in the work, with solvents containing nitrobenzene. Anemia of hypochromic, iron-deficit type was established, which was not related by the authors to the nitrobenzene intoxication, since it did not exceed the incidence of the identical type of anemia among the remainder - female-worker groups.

A number of changes were found in the peripheral blood picture and bone marrow, with hyperplasia of the lymphoid reticular cells - the lymphoids - showing predominance, hitherto not referred to in the pertinent literature. It is suggested that retticular hyperplasia might be assumed as an early phase of severer bone-marrow lesions (hypoplasia of the bone marrow).

It is established, moreover, that chronic mitrobenzene intoxication impairs the metabolism of the microelement copper and certain ironcontaining enzymic systems.

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E. Йорданова

K. Перфанов

П. Узунов

Л. Сливкова

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