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E. Йорданова, Н. Kючуков


The report concerns six cases with isolated myeloma of the spine resulting in heavy neurologic symptomatics. The initial symptoms in five of the patients were pressented by nerve-root pains. Pathological fracture of the vertebral body was present in all the patients. Myelomic metaplasia in the bone marrow from sternal punctate was detected in two patients merely. Protein changes in the blood were also established in the two cases just referrd to.

The roentgenograms revealed cleared foci within the vertebral body, at some pointe merging between each other, whilst in other, they were separated by a rarefied bony structure. Responsive elevation surrounding them was absent and the intervertebral discs were preserved.

Operative treatment was recommended, followed by irradiation and cytostatic treatment. At operation, in addition to decompression of the spinal cord, also extirpation should be performed of the neoplasm until healthy tissue is reached, and the gap thus formed filled up with plastic material.

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Н. Kючуков

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