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The relationship between kidney size and anthropometry

H. Akdere, G. Cevik, M. Karahan, A. Yimaz


The size of the kidney is important for the clinical evaluation of kidney diseases and also helps us to diagnose many diseases related to kidneys. The purpose of this study is to determine the usage of both anthropometric measurement and radiological measurements for prediction of kidney size.

Fifty-four volunteers who were patients at the Urology Clinic of Faculty of Medicine at Trakya University partici­pated in this study. The volunteers did not have any kidney disease. Abdominal ultrasonography was used to mea­sure kidney size. Anterior abdominal wall length, lateral abdominal wall length, and bispinal distance were mea­sured using a caliper.

The average anterior abdominal height, lateral abdominal height, and bispinal distance were 17.59 cm, 17.28 cm, and 27.56 cm respectively. In the same way, the mean values of right kidney length, right kidney transverse di­ameter, left kidney length, and left kidney transverse diameter were 102.75 mm, 44.72 mm, 99.82 mm, and 46.35 mm, respectively. There was a significant correlation between the left kidney length and the lateral abdominal wall height (p<0.05). However, there was no relationship between the right kidney length and any anthropomet­ric measurements. There was a significant correlation between the right kidney transverse diameter and all an­thropometric measurements (p<0.05), and there was a significant correlation between the left kidney transverse diameter and the anterior abdominal wall height (p<0.05).

This study showed that there is a significant relationship between kidney dimensions and some anthropomet­ric measurements. These measurements can be used while examining patients. We suggest expanding this study with more participants to ensure more accurate results.



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About The Authors

H. Akdere
Trakya University

G. Cevik
Trakya University

M. Karahan
Trakya University

A. Yimaz
Trakya University

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