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What can the Golden Ratio tell us about facial beauty?

O. Taskinalp, A. Yilmaz


You could see the Golden Ratio in many kinds of art like music, painting, architecture, and sculpture. The Golden Ratio is widely known in art and also well known in the field of plastic surgery. The Golden Ratio appears in the human face, as demonstrated in a many studies. Stephen Marquardt focuses on human facial beauty in his work. Dr. Marquardt has conducted surveys to define the differences in beauty between cultures. He has also analyzed the human face from ancient times to modern days. The definition of facial beauty is based on dynamic assump­tions. It should not be forgotten that it varies depending on various factors. Many structures such as nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, and lips need to be evaluated to describe facial beauty. All these studies show us which is the Golden Ratio and the importance of this marker in regard to beauty. It is also conspicuous that the Golden Ra­tio will be a spotlight with a gradual increase in significance.



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O. Taskinalp
Trakya University

A. Yilmaz
Trakya University

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