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The secret energy current of the human body: acupuncture meridians

A. Yilmaz, M. Donmez


The meridians we often hear about are lines which carry energy to various directions. They are composed of non-visible acupuncture points below the skin in a single file and in a successive arrangement. This is the map of our body. The classical meridian classification is as follows: 1) Main Meridian (12); 2) Branch Meridian (numerous); 3) Connecting (Luo) Meridian (15); 4) Diverging Meridian (12); 5)Muscle Meridian (12); 6) Extra Meridian (8).

Every group of 12 meridians has a Luo point. The energy current between the meridians occurs due to the Luo points. The meridians composed by Luo points generally exist superficially. They are used in superficial diseases. The meridian that the energy circulation starts from the Lung Meridian. It is not enough to know the acupuncture points for treatment. The relationship between the points and meridians, the energy current and fluctua­tions during the day, have to be well known. In addition, it must not be forgotten that acupuncture is an alterna­tive and it is not competing with traditional medicine. It is a subsidiary to medicine. Another point is that acu­puncture has to be applied only by medical doctors.



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A. Yilmaz
Trakya University

M. Donmez
Trakya University

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