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E. Славова, Aл. Станчев


The authors have used one-way descendent paper chromatography in order to prove the presence of sugar in the urine (Partridge`s method modified after Kopesky).

104 urine samples have been examined of which 04 belong to patients with nephrogenetic diseases and 20 - to healthy people (serving as a control group).

Not more than 3 sugars have been found in the healthy persons` urine in general and in some single cases even 6.

The urine of patients with acute glomerulonephritis and nephrolithiasis possess richer and various micromcllituria in some cases 6, 7 and even 8 sugars have been separated.

Patients with nephritis chronica (Bright`s disease) and pyelonephritis chronica also have richer and more various micromelliluria.

In patients with uraemia a smaller number of sugars h is been established (less sugars than in healthy people).

In the urine of patients with nephrogenetic diseases more often have been proved sucro- suria, lactosuria, ribosuria, ramnosuria and fructosuria.

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