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Ив. Попвасилев, T. Минчев, П. Павлов


Toxications due to phalloid fungus are still often to meet with in our country and they usually give a significant percentage of mortal issue. These toxications are probably more often with men, leading to irrevocable injuries of the liver and the kidneys. Although they lack any particular nourishing qualities, the consumation of mushrooms which are to be found free in nature is rather wide, due to their taste qualitites The treatment of the consequent toxications is extremely specific and difficult, espesially in our conditions. Except cardiac remedies in large quantities, application of blood transfusion and cortisone preparations, application of sodium chloride is often forgotten - orally and intravenuously as well as administering of raw rabbit brains and stomachs - the only right treatment when the specific vaccine lacks Toxications in result of hothouse mushroom consumation have not been noted so far.

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T. Минчев

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