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E. Чакъров, M. Kильовска


The possibilities are discussed for the application of fluorescence microscopy in the cytochemical analysis of lipids. An attempt is made for the classification of water-soluble lipofluorochromes. They are divided into three groups: 1) lipofluorochromes with dissociational hetero-luminescence; 2) lipofluorochromes with concentrational heteroluminescence and 3) lipofluorochromes with molecular lipo- and water-solubility. Their fluorochrome specificity is investigated on sample objects of known lipids aiming total demonstration of the lipids. Their specificity is analyzed and their application in the general histochemistry of lipids rejected. The possibility is stressed of applyin glipofluorochromes with dissociational heteroluminescence in the differential histochemical analysis of phospholipids. The use of phosphin is proposed for the latter purpose along with performing control stainings by deaminization at PH 3, PH 6 and subsequent to extraction with pyridine at 56 degrees.

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