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The inference is reached that the depressive syndrome is by no means alien to the schizophrenic psychosis on the ground of detailed clinical follow-up study of 153 psychotic seizures in 71 patients, affected with various forms of schizophrenia. The depressive syndrome occurs in the clinical picture of most of the patients in the course of the disease, and, more particularly in those suffering from periodic form, in which, not infrequently, alternation of maniacal and depressive manifestations is observed. Dysthymia is the initial symptom of the disease very often. It usually occurs as a response type (similar to hypochondriac or depressive „reaction`) with production of insanity and other symptoms ensuing. The depressive syndrome is scarcely manifested in its pure form. Most frequently, depressive paranoid syndrome and depressive hypochondriac syndrome are observed with the insanity production being concomitant to hallucinations and eventually, pseudo-hallucinations and other symptoms of the psychic automatism. The schizophrenic dysthymia and the melanocholic insanity of schizophreniacs might display complete simulation of cyclothymia. However, the insanity in schizofpherenia very often assumes a rather generalized, greatly ridiculous and absurd character. Although dysthymia appears to be the initial symptom of the affection rather frequently, the melancholic insanity is usually manifested much later. Neuroletipcs play a supplementary role in terms of increasing the incidence of cases with depressive pictures and intensification of their manifestations. The higher incidence of depressive syndromes in schizophrenia, recently observed, should be accounted for, frist and foremost by the „milder`, more „psychological` and less „biological` manifestation of the disease.

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Снежневский, А. В. — Вест. Акад. медиц. наук. СССР — 1966, 3, 3.

Leonhard, K. - Aufteilung dcr endogenen Psychosen - Berlin, 1959.



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