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M. Гърдевски, Tр. Генадиев, Зл. Tанева, И. Илиева


The autopsy findings in 30 children, aged from 2—10 months, with histologically proved cytomegalic inclusion disease are investigated. The localized form of cytomegalia is established most frequently - in 20 out of a total of 30 investigations performed. In 23 children of the series reviewed the authors found hypotrophy, atrophy and rickets - all factors favourably affecting the development of the cytomegalic inclusion disease. In a greater part of the children - 27 - the cytomegalic condition is associated to various types pneumonia, with interstitial forms being the most frequently met with - in 17 of a total of twenty seven cases. In the opinion of the authors, the inflama- matory changes involving the lungs should be related to the effect exerted by cytomegalia upon the infantile organism (as a whole). By itself, the cytomegalic inclusion disease by no means leads to death, but rather favours the development of acute intercurrent diseases, to which the lethal outcome of children is ascribed.

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M. Гърдевски

Tр. Генадиев

Зл. Tанева

И. Илиева

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