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В. Ванков, Н. Стойнов


Investigations are made on the structure and vascularization of the superficial and deep veins of the upper limb in individuals aged 0, 4, 15, 19, 35 and 69 years. In all the veins and in all age-groups alike, muscular coat of the wall. The vascularization of the venous wall consists of a vascular network within the adventitia and a common capillary network in the media. The avascular layer is developed during the growth of the individual, contemporaneously with the thickening of the wall muscle fibres. No constant interrelationship is established between the internal avascular and external vascularized coats. The extensiveness of the vascularized area is directly proportional to the thickness of the musculature. Along with that, the absolute thickness ot the avascular layer is in direct relationship to the thickness of the musculature - in the superficial veins this layer is thicker, whilst in those situated deeper, it is thinner. A strongly pronounced differentiation is noted of the wall of the valve sinuses. Usually, in the superficial veins, a thinner musculature is concerned, with considerable rarefaction and longitudinal reorientation of the capillary network. In the deep veins, rather extensive, small avascular areas are disclosed, with scanty or on musculature at all.

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