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Г. Р. Маринов


The intramural vessels in the walls of the great and small saphenous and posterior tibial veins are investigated in individuals of different ages by means of Indian ink-gelatin injection into the bloodstream. No essential differences are established between the vascularization of the superficial and deep veins (merely differences in degree are concerned). The presence is found of adventitial vascular plexus and capillary network within the compact, dense muscular coat of the wall. The muscular layer of the thinner regions of the deep veins`walls are devoid of blood vessels. In the course of growth of the organism, the density of the capillary network undergoes several-fold reduction. Its relationship to the structural elements of the wall undergoes alteration, substantiated by the formation of an internal avascular layer. In grown-up individuals, its thickness fluctuates in a range form 70 to 85 microns. In the superficial veins, it contains more longitudinally directed muscles as compared to the deep ones, where the transverse muscle fibres prevail.

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