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Lately, the widely spread idealistic, mystic doctrines find adherents in this country too, and at that, among medical workers, psychologists, biologists and the like. Employing the means of clamorous, advertisement, they strive to revive these old teachings, resorting to newly created forms, circumlocution and paraphrased terminology. Peculiar and qrotesque ce- ansesa re presentet by the daily press, radio and television as a „pure science". Incredible statements are supported concerning the possibilities of foretelling the future, conferring thoughts from people to animals and from people to people, through individuals with incredible and inconceivable congenital talents, although of low culture and mentally underdeveloped, which are brought forward as being capable of perceiving informations even from dead matter and exerting mental influence in terms of accelerating the radioactive desintegration of different elements. Nowadays, these utterly defeated from scientific standpoint spiritists, myst- cists and idealists are united in the allegedly „new scientific direction" - the so-called „parapsychology", and without method whatsoever or reliability of the experimental background, depict the telepathy as a modern science with purely materialistic basis and moreover, ignoring the antinatural facts used, they assume the impossible task to unify these idealistic doctrines with the marxist philosophy and dialectics.

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