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Д. С. Kалицин, T. Г. Джинджев, Г. Aтанасов


Studies are reported on the activity of blood and pancreatic amylase in 65 white albino female rats, weighing from 160 to 280 gr. The animals are divided in the following groups: I series - controls (18), II - adrenalectomized (18), III - ovariectomized and adrenalectomized (18), IV - adrenalectomized and treated with estrone (11). All test animals are investigated on the seventh day after adrenalectomy. Estrone fat solution is administered intramuscularly in the rats of series IV daily for a period of 7 days at a daily dose amounting to 0.4 mkg/100 gr. The amylase activity in the blood is determinet according to Engelhardt-Gerchuk, and the pancreatic amylase - according to Baltzer-Schuster as modified by Kalitzin. The statistical analysis of the results shows that in female rats, investigated on the 7th post-adrenalectomy day, the activity of the blood amylase is lowered with 48.2% as compared to controls, whereas the activity of pancreatic amylase remains unaltered. In ovariectomized rats the adrenalectomy performed accounts for a further fall in blood amylase activity, without change in the pancreatic amylase activity. Treatment of adrenalectomized female rats with estrone at a dose of 0.4 mkg/100 gr over a period of 7 days does not account for alteration of blood amylase activity as compared to adrenalectomized animals The results of the experiments are discussed.

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Г. Aтанасов

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