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Д. Димов, В. Aнгелова


An analysis is made of case material comprising 300 women with uterine tube sterility (of non-tuberculous etiology). Primary sterility amounts to 47 per cent, and secondary to 53 per cent. Of the total number of women investigated, 30% have a past history of abortion; in 36% it concerns an induced abortion. The bimanual examination prior to treatment proves that 25% of the patients are with no changes at all in the tubes. A complex medical and physical treatment is embarked on, consisting in the continuous application (depending on the season) of helio-and fangotherapy during the warm months and paraffin applications, ultraviolet rays, diathermy and hydrotubation - during the cold months; all procedures and methods are applied alone or in combination. The results are estimated as very good: 23.6% of the treated became pregnant; of them 59.1%—normal pregnancy, 12.7% - with abortion and 28.2% - with extrauterine pregnancy.

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