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Data are referred to resulting from investigations on the valve apparatus of the external iliac and femoral veins in 20 limbs from dogs, 4 limbs from wolf and 4 limbs from enotus dog. The investigations on the venous valves led to the following conclusions: 1. According to the mean number of valves as well as structure and morphological competence, the dog does not differ essentially from the man.

2. No valves are found at the level of the inguinal ligament or just underneath it in the representatives of the family „dogs` studied, whereas in man such a valve is observed in most of the limbs. The latter finding might be related to the variable effect exerted by the inguinal ligament on the vein, substantiated by the different status of the hip joint. 3. The distribution of the valves in the dog reveals a certain degree of dependence on the localization of the tributary orifices and appears to be substantially more weakly manifested in comparison to humans. 4. Incompetent valves in the dog are several-fold more frequently met among the valves with one, three and four cusps as compared to bicuspid valves. They are likewise, more frequent among the valves outside the predilection sites of localization. The latter finding confirms the author`s conclusion on the issue, based on data obtained from human material. 5. Owing to the limited material investigated from wolves and enotus dogs (four limbs of each species), the data derived are considered merely as guiding. The great differences between them, and with the dog as well, could possibly be attributed to the great variety of their motor activity. The latter assumption is supported by the large number of valves in the wolf and their absolute morphological adequacy (mean four valves) on one hand, and by the paucity of valves in the enotus dog (mean one valve) on the other.

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