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В. Ванков, С. Николов, З. Нанов


The presence, form and morphological value of the terminal valves of the internal jugular and subclavian veins are studied on material comprising 103 cadaveric halves of fetuses and subjects of various age-groups. The data reported prove that the terminal valve contained in the internal jugular vein is fully developed as early as in the antenatal period. With aging and more particularly during senescence the appearance is noted of morphologically inadequate valves. The are more frequently met among the valves displaying deviation from the bicuspid valvular form than among bicuspid valves proper. The terminal valve of the subclavian vein exhibits a much greater stability than that of the jugular vein. The incidence of aberrations from the bicuspid-valve-fr.rm in the termiral valve is lower (about four times rarer) and morphological inferiority - about 2.5 times rarer. The latter finding is related to its heavier functional loading, owing to the fact that the blood stream within it runs a horizontal course, whereas the blood stream within the jugular vein assumes a descendent direction.

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