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В. Ванков, M. Маджарова, Г. Гюров


The authors present data concerning the vascularization of the wall of the anterior vena cava in the dog. A clearly manifested dependence is established between the structure of the wall and its vascularization. The proximal tract of the vein, containing a well developed cardiac muscle layer appears to be rather strongly vascularized. It is pierced by a dense capillary network. The latter is concentrated within the outlines of cardiac muscle layer and reaches its internal border. The distal area is mainly connective tissue, with organized adventitial network consisting of arterioles, venules and single capillaries with longitudinal orientation. Within restricted areas with adequately shaped smooth muscle layer near its outer border, a capillary plexus, consisting of prevailingly circular capillaries is also observed.

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В. Ванков

M. Маджарова

Г. Гюров

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